Broadcast Your Business.

Up Your ROI.

A dial labeled ROI with an arrow pointing to High with  podcast microphone. Podcasting ROI

Businesses that use audio and video grow 49% faster than those who do not. If customers can't find you online, you don't exist. Creating professional podcast and video content that makes you easy to find, simple to understand, and a pleasure to engage is a critical component of any modern marketing effort. We will make sure you do it right in our Portland-based audio and video recording studio.

Engage Your Community.

Modern microphone with audience in B.G. to indicate podcast and webcast content builds community.

85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content on all of their devices. Like it or not, newsletters are dead. But a strategic, well produced podcast or webcast with news, announcements, and special guests will vitalize your online community and keep them coming back for more. Our Portland recording studio and video studio can help you make content that is the perfect centerpiece for your email marketing efforts.

Take Control.

Words  "Building Your Brand" A hand holds a card with the word "Brand." to Podcasts builds brands.

Nothing is more important to your business than properly building your brand presence. Producing your own podcast or webcast content in our recording studio and video studio means you have complete control over the messages you push out to consumers. Your show positions you as an expert in your brand category, and the high level production values of The Studio will make you look like one - right here in Portland, Oregon!

Go Organic.

"SEO" with the O shown as a magnifying glass and upward arrow inside. Podcast & Webcast helps SEO.

The search is always on. Keeping SEO affordable is all about going organic. Once you've produced your podcast or webcast in our Portland audio and video studio, order a transcript and upload it alongside your content to increase your visibility and search rankings. 

Be More Social.

5 vintage podcast microphones with social media logos: YouTube, LinkedIn, WIFi, facebook, Twitter.

Content is King. Produce professional, short form messages in our Portland audio and video studio and make them the centerpiece of your ad spend strategy. With the right podcast and/or video content, online dollars go a long way toward raising your visibility, building your brand awareness, and driving your web traffic.

Just Do It Live.

Crowd of people at live event with hands up. YouTube live is like a concert for customer to gather.

80% of online viewers would rather watch a live video from a company than read a blog. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram know this - that's why each of them has launched sophisticated live platforms that function like concert venues where your fans can gather to share the love. Turn your passion into a podcast in our professional recording studio and video studio conveniently located just across the Hawthorne Bridge in Southeast Portland.

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