Meet Kevin Carroll - International Speaker

Kevin explains how he uses The Studio at North Rim location and the team's expertise to keep his speaking and consulting business vital in a virtual environment.

Post Pandemic Technology


The Corona Virus Changes Everything.

In the coming months, we will not only need to adapt ourselves to a new way of life, but also to a new way of doing business. For the foreseeable future, the aftermath of COVID-19 will require us to be much more careful about how we socialize, and the daily commerce of our world will most likely be conducted around the need to limit spread, minimize exposure, and diminish risk.


Keep Your Gigs.

For those who depend on travel for work, this represents a significant challenge. Speakers, presenters, team leaders, facilitators, salespeople, and anyone whose livelihood depends on live communication, will need to develop tech-driven strategies to deliver their core value in ways that continue to inform and inspire. The good news is that the technology exists to make it possible, but there’s a catch – professionalism matters. A simple Zoom or Skype call from your living room or office will not be enough to properly impress. Those who can deliver a higher standard of excellence will not only be be able to provide professional and engaging experiences to existing clients, they will also be able to grow new business opportunities knowing they have a team of skilled video and audio professionals to support them.


Broadcast Your Business.

This is where the Studio at North Rim can help. Our state-of-the-art audio and video recording studio gives you the power to broadcast your presentation from our professional facility to anywhere in the world - all with the highest level of video quality and audio fidelity. Whether you will be using facebook, YouTube or a private, secure server to deliver your presentation is no matter. The Studio at North Rim team are experts in internet transmission technology and our goal is to make your experience as easy as turning on the lights. That means you can focus on content and delivery, while we do everything else.


Stay Connected.

Now more than even we need to maintain contact with each other. That’s why during this difficult period, The Studio at North Rim is offering individuals and businesses flexible rates and the first broadcast at no charge. This is our way of helping local, Portland businesses develop new strategies for success as they adapt themselves to a rapidly changing world. Please feel free give me a call during this down time to explore your options. I'm confident we can develop a virtual strategy that meets your business goals.


Adam Klugman

Program Director

Studio at North Rim