Matt Schweitzer, Host

Matt Schweitzer, Host

Matt Schweitzer, Host


  Matt Schweitzer moved to Portland 1988 to receive his B.A. from Lewis and Clark College. He went on to get RPA designation and eventually co-founded North Rim, a Portland based, commercial real estate company where he is currently owner and vice president. After 25 years, he and business partner Jeffrey Weitz, have established a booming, local business on the same values that inspires Portland Success Stories – a desire to build community and define success on their own terms. Matt is honored to be the host of Portland Success Stories and looks forward to discovering the people and stories that make Portland a great place to live, work, and thrive­­.

The Mission

Matt Schweitzer, Host

Matt Schweitzer, Host


 In spite of being an impossible jigsaw of the weird and the wonderful, we love Portland. We are America’s quirky little sister – smart, interesting, a little eccentric, and full of potential. And while the rest of the country is wondering when we’ll grow up, we're doing fine. We live here because quality of life is just as important to us as work. But that doesn’t mean we lack ambition - it just means success is a moving target. Portland Success Stories is on a mission to look deep into the heart of our big small town and discover the people and places defining success for themselves - one business at a time. So, we feel compelled to ask...What's your story?

Sadie and Chris Lincoln - Barre3

Matt takes on one of Portland's most interesting success stories - Barre3. Founders Sadie and Chris Lincoln tell the story of how a carefully considered vision became their reality. Matt discovers exactly how their process, their brand, their franchise plan, and their most deeply held values are all part of an integrated approach that informs all they do.

Nicole Mouton - Screen Door Restaurant

Matt discusses the high wire act of the restaurant business with Nicole Mouton, co-owner of Screen Door restaurant, one of Portland's great eatery success stories. Nicole reveals how Screen Door's incredible success keeps her on the growing edge of her game and forces her to wake each day with a beginner's mind.

Kevin Carroll - Katalyst

"Don't talk about it, be about it," is Kevin Carroll's creed. One of Portland's hidden heroes, Kevin's energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to play have made him a speaker and corporate Katalyst in high demand all over the world. His story will inspire you. His manner will disarm you. His methods will challenge you to become a better version of yourself.

Audra Santillo & Nate Moore - Workshop Vintage

Matt interviews Audra Santillo and Nate Moore, partners in life and co-owners of Workshop Vintage. Audra and Nate were inspired to open their store based on their love for collecting and hunting for all things vintage. However, their vision extends far beyond vintage clothing and knick knacks. Featuring an amazing collection of fair trade jewelry crafted by local artisans, authentic reproductions crafted by Nate himself, classes, and even tarot card readings, community building comes first.